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History of Doogdoogi Founder

Entrepreneur/ Youth Writer Utpal Bania founded the Exclusive Assamese Jewellery showroom Doogdoogi in Assam.

Entrepreneur/ Youth Writer Utpal Bania founded the Exclusive Assamese Jewellery showroom Doogdoogi in Assam.

Utpal Bania was born Ranthali village on June 30, 1990, in Nagaon,Assam.

Early Life:

Utpal began to show an interest in Writing & Jewellery designing at the childhood time.He Has been pass out H.S.L.C in 2006 from B.B.Higher Secondary school with ranking 1st division.After achieved he has began his higher education in Science Stream at Nowgong College.After that,in 2008 ,he started his technical education as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at NEIA.In 2011,Utpal completed the course he went to Dimapur airport in Nagaland for On-Job-Traning(OJT).But in this year before completed his training joining as a Aircraft Trachincian in NES pvt Ltd airlines in month of June. For his better performance with hard working he achieved another good job at Jet Airways (I) Ltd.He Joined their as an Engineering Incharge .In 2013,month of June Jet Airways failed to service in Nagaland ,he was appointed in Aiwajal Airport. But his personal problem and the mind which want to do different kind of works he finished his govt-non govt service carrier. After than he aimed to bring ancestor family business of Assamese Jewellery to the global market permanently with these great aim he abled to forget his service life and passed his life happily.In his service time Utpal able to meet England Prince Andrew, Ex- president of India Pranab Mukherjee,Ex-UPA chair person Sonia Gandhi with UPA some cabinet Ministry ,Nagaland ex cm Naphio Rio, AP ex-cm Nawab Turki,Baichung bhutia..etc with this introduction he abled to make good relationship with them. By changing time he had lost greatest memory. According to utpal Bania told as that in his short conversion with Prince Andrew was very memorable and prince asked about Nagaland. For the respect & love for motherland, utpal told about Assam with short briefed story of Nagaland. He told him about Kaziranga National Park, Assam Tea, the river of Brahmaputra and also shown him the image of Assamese Jewellery .When prince Andrew saw the Assamese jewellery image ,just he told only one word "WAWO,its very nice". This is utpal,who everything want to focus their own motherland and our culture. After that Prince passed whole day in Nagaland in returning moments he hand checked with Utpal.This meeting change a lot in Utpal's mind. He make a new dream to focused Assamese jewellery to the worldwise.According to utpal, If Rajasthan jewellery make a place in world plateform,why assamese jewellery can't they establish??

For your kind information in the view of historical place his born land Ranthali also famous for Assamese Jewellery.But he is very sorrow because Ranthali can't make a great place in Assamese history. In the field of Archiature or design of Ornaments, the historic Assam was very advanced in respect of other region of that time .But during modern days of Civilization the middle class population, which is major part of society, starts to import ornaments from the western part of country. As a result the art of Assamese ornament leg behind than other form of Assamese art. Assam has a long standing history of making jewellery, spanning more than 2000 years or more with its unique style and designed, for which till to date the demand of Assamese Jewellery remain ever rising. With this Two reason he want to do something different to focus Ranthali and Assamese Jewellery.

After Jobless ,with a small amount of 2500 rupees,he began a business of Assamese Jewellery.He took this amount from his mother Rimi Bania.In Business,he make assamese jewellery as his sword.From the small beginning with his Hard working he make shortly 100piece of assamese jewellery and in december 2013,first time ever assamese jewellery showcase the IITF,New Delhi. Most importantly that year Assam got gold model. With the aim of focus traditional assammese jewellery in global palteform in 2011,he began a facebook page named "Assamese Traditional Axomia Gohana" with this page he found another way to spread his business and connect with various people.In,2014,He established Doogdoogi exclusive assamese jewellery showroom in Guwahati and ancestor industry in Nagaon.But still he trying to focus Assamese jewellery in global platforms. "The History of Traditional Assamese Ornament",the first assamese jewellery book which was written by Utpal Bania publishes April,2014 and the same year he wrote the assamese version "Axomia Gohana Gathuri Buranji".These two books are very popular current times.

He is a multi talented young boy.Just in age 29+, he had done a lot. In Market doogdoogi is a popular showroom of Assamese Jewellery.Apart form a businessman he is also a famous young writer from Assam, He had released his first poetry book " Ekajoli Marom puar opekhat" in 14th February 2015.He released this book with beautiful orphan child.He had released his 4th book "Axomya Chalachitra Pitamoh Indra Bania" in 2016 . He also a social worker from different site.He found a post of Central Committee spokesperson and media co-coordinator of All Assam SC Student Union. He is also chief editor incharge of popular monthly magazine "Ramdhenu-ekmatro satorangi mahekiya alosoni: With all this he is also a serial writer various magazine and newspaper .He is also related in Various fashion show and acting line.

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